People Matrix is an HR Strategy Consulting firm working towards business optimization through innovative and customized HR interventions. We work at transformational and transactional levels through each stage of employee’s lifecycle.



Who we are?

We are passionate HR professionals dedicated to bolster business optimization by leveraging strength of ‘people’. We are the bevy of maven committed to excellence and exceptional client service

What we do?

We are skill and knowledge partners for business, supporting them at each stage of the employee lifecycle. We get the right people, train and develop them with a special focus on leadership development

When we pitch-in?

We believe in pro-active engagement with organizations and believe in working towards our clients’ sustained success. We align our services to ‘context at hand’ wrt business and people to create the desired impact

Where do we operate from?

We are headquartered in New Delhi with presence in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Our knowledge partners and team members operate across India and have experience of working across the globe.

Why us?

We are not just problem finders and fixers; we are catalysts augmenting business growth and operational excellence. We continuously strive for its success by ensuring maximization of human potential

How we do it?

Our zeal to innovate, deliver the best, pursue research and science based initiatives, engage the most, evaluate the ROI bestows maximum value to the client by leveraging their ‘People’ asset.